Home Tip Of The Week: 5 Steps To A Cozy Home

Home Tip Of The Week: 5 Steps To A Cozy Home


Labor Day weekend is right around the corner, which is the unofficial end of summer and our first glimpse at fall. Are you dreaming of falling leaves and pumpkin pies yet? When there’s a chill in the air and the temperature starts to drop, everyone wants to come home to a place where they can curl up. Here are a few tips on how to increase your abode’s coziness.

1. Mix, match, and layer! Try different materials, and play with texture. Add things that are interesting to touch and hold. Pillows and throw blankets invite you to get comfortable. Hang curtains and put soft rugs on the floor for even more ambiance.

2. Use warm colors. While cool colors make rooms feel lighter and more airy, warm tones make spaces small and cozy. Switch out your accent pieces to change the whole feel of the room!

3. Rethink your lighting. You’ll want to have multiple light sources in each room. Taller and larger lamps are perfect for entertaining and larger groups, but table lamps are more ideal for intimate situations. Switch cool light bulbs for warm or soft ones. Add an even softer glow with candles, using various sizes for dimension. Plus, you get the added bonus of a delicious scent!

4. Create a nook. Designate one chair as your “quiet chair” where you can curl up and read, or push an old twin bed or sofa against a wall and cover it with pillows. Create that one space where you are surrounded by warmth and comfort.

5. Live with the things you love. Use family photos and display keepsakes to surround yourself with happy memories and add more personal touches. Coziness is really all about feeling content and being in your own element.

What gives you that cozy, homey feeling?