Home Tip Of The Week: 10 Ways To Get Organized

Home Tip Of The Week: 10 Ways To Get Organized


Does the task of de-cluttering your home seem daunting? There are some simple things you can do to get organized. Try these 10 tips today to bring order to your life.


  1. Cleaning Supplies: Use a heavy duty curtain rod under the sink to hang spray bottles.
  2. Wraps & Foil: Attach a magazine holder to the inside of a cabinet door to store parchment paper, cling wrap, and foil.
  3. Cookware: Add a pull-out organizer in your cabinet to hang pots and pans.
  4. Bakeware & More: Add vertical partitions to over-the-fridge cabinet space to organize cookie sheets, muffin tins, flat pans, and cutting boards.
  5. Linens: Store sheet sets in their pillowcases to keep them together. To go a step further, place them in baskets labeled with which bed they belong to.
  6. Laundry: Fold and sort clothes into baskets for each family member.
  7. Cords: Cut empty paper towel rolls and slip over wrapped up cords to keep them neat.
  8. Shoes: Use dividers inside an ottoman to store shoes where no one can see them.
  9. Blankets: Put a crate at the end of the couch to contain extra blankets and pillows.
  10. Games: Store board games in a hanging shoe organizer.

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