New Year’s Resolutions: Addition, Not Subtraction

New Year’s Resolutions: Addition, Not Subtraction

Every time the start of a new year rolls around, the guilt and pressure from the holiday indulgences that take place from Thanksgiving to New Year’s also conveniently arrives. There is excitement to a fresh start, but it is often inextricably linked with the desire to make changes in your life that are difficult to achieve.

Whatever your tack may be to approach this clean slate of 2019, the thought of voyaging into a new year by giving up things you love is often…depressing. January is already cold and dark, with no sign of spring’s goodness in sight. Why are we punishing ourselves by cutting out so much if only eight percent of people keep their resolutions?

Instead, consider what you could ADD to your life to bring you more fulfillment. Here are some of our ideas for doing just that:

Fewer Bars, More Art – Instead of meeting friends for drinks every time you get together, consider meeting up for something cultural. You could attend small concerts, free yoga classes, or explore museums. By getting creative, it can be a positive experience of drinking less alcohol without the pain of turning down social engagements.

More Green Things! – Eating healthy is a challenge for anyone. The most delicious flavors often carry the biggest punch in calorie/sugar/carbohydrate intake. Before you cut out all things tasty, consider ADDING one green (fruit/vegetable) to each meal every day instead. Or, start with just one meal a day and add some vitamins to your life.

Add by Giving Away – After the holiday season of giving ends, charities often struggle to motivate their volunteers and donors to support their cause. This January, consider volunteering for an organization that means something to you. You can also start small by giving blood or donating gently used clothing to a local shelter. By adding philanthropic actions to your daily life, you will gain a sense of purpose and well-being while helping others.

Try Something New – This is perhaps our favorite idea for a way to expand your horizons. Whether it is a cooking class, dance lessons, or training for a triathlon, making the effort to do something that is out of your usual pattern will stimulate your creativity and perhaps lead to a new passion.

However you choose to celebrate the fresh start of 2019, we wish you the best. And if your resolution is buying a new house, let us know how we can help.