Here’s to Kids, Back Yards, Pets…and I’m HOME!

Here’s to Kids, Back Yards, Pets…and I’m HOME!

Did you see the newest Coldwell Banker ad on Modern Family last night?

What did it make you think of it? How did it make you feel?

GenBlue Ad Campaign roll-outThe ad campaign begs the question of what is the value of your home? And as I watched I thought back to my experience in the home buying process when I moved to Greenville from Oxford, MS in 2008.  Since I wasn’t too familiar with the area, I found myself relying heavily on the write-ups of homes on the various real estate sites I browsed. I remember reading the comments written by REALTORS but all the while thinking, “What is it REALLY like to live there?”

I get it’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house that will sell fast. It comes with lots of great, great, great living space and cute, cute, cute features! But what I was really after was, “Does it have a fenced in yard for a new puppy?” “Has the kitchen been upgraded to meet my expectations?” “Is there enough water pressure to love my shower like the one I have today?” “Can I store all of my clothes in these tiny closets?” (I have a shopping addiction, I must admit, so this was a top priority.)

Family+FenceAs soon as I purchased my new home, my priorities changed. I transitioned from “What is it really like to live there?” to, “What can I do to enjoy my home even more?” That’s the question everyday homeowners are trying to find answers to. “What’s next? a new paint color?  a new patio?”

What is it that ties all of us to this place called home? Through the new ad campaign, Coldwell Banker takes a different approach to real estate advertising by bringing the concept of buying a home, home.  Emotions and memories that all of us experience on a daily basis come to life.  After all, it’s not what’s in the home that makes it so special, it’s how you share the space and create memories to last a lifetime.

So, here’s to backyards, kids and pets!

Well done, Coldwell Banker!

I’m headed HOME!

Jane Harrison
Director of Marketing and Communications, Coldwell Banker Caine


If you have not seen it, take look at the campaign by visit ing their YouTube Channel.