Your Guide to a Cozy Night In

Your Guide to a Cozy Night In

The sun is going down earlier, the days are shorter, and there is a definite chill in the air. While some southerners and sun seekers are counting down to Winter Solstice, I revel in the coziness of this time of year. Maybe it’s my Wisconsin roots showing or my introverted nature, but I think everyone should make the most of the cold nights spent in their home sweet home.

Whether you are looking forward to some alone time or cuddling up with family and friends, you can make your evening in extra special by following these steps.

Dress down. If you’re like me, the moment you walk in the door you head to the closet to change into your most comfortable sweats. Don’t forget the fuzzy socks, too.

Bonus: Skip the sweats and get some festive holiday PJs, or even better, a onesie!

Take the day off. Especially in the winter months when the cold air can be hard on your body, I make it a priority to take off my makeup, wash and moisturize my face, and take out my contact lenses as early in the evening as possible.

Bonus: Grab your favorite face mask or treatment to really pamper yourself.

Lay out a nice spread. Your best cheese board, chip and dip set, and holiday plates don’t have to sit in the cabinet until you throw a cocktail party. Why not treat yourself to a lavish charcuterie board or dessert platter tonight? Brew your favorite hot tea to or create a fancy hot cocoa (think whipped cream, sprinkles, a peppermint stick, Bailey’s if you’re into that, etc.) to warm up!

Amp up the cozy. Light all of your best smelling candles and the fireplace, turn on the Christmas tree and turn off the other lamps and light fixtures. Grab the softest blanket you own and settle in.

Bonus: Take it back to the good old days – yes, I’m talking about a full-on blanket fort. Grab pillows, blankets, and comforters from other rooms to really take this evening beyond your normal nightly routine.

Turn on something comfortable. This is not the time to try that thriller everyone’s been talking about. For the ultimate cozy night in, stick with something easy you know you’ll enjoy like a light holiday movie or favorite episodes of a hit sitcom.

Winter CAN be as enjoyable as the other three seasons of the year if you do it right. Happy hibernating!

About the Author

Marisa Stephens is the Digital Strategist and resident foodie at Coldwell Banker Caine. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, drinking craft beer and spending time with her husband, Louis, and their shorkie, Winston.