Artist Reception: Jane Allen Nodine

Artist Reception: Jane Allen Nodine

As part of our ongoing Caine Cares initiative, our Spartanburg office has been adorned with the colorful paintings of Jane Allen Nodine, a renowned local artist whose work can be seen in galleries across the globe. We were pleased to host an artist reception Thursday, March 17 where the public was invited to meet the artist and view their work.

The works featured are from Nodine’s recent collection, “REFLECTIONS; Art in the Age of the Pandemic.” These vibrant, textural paintings are a response to the initial COVID19 lockdown in March of 2020. As Nodine prepared to spend the coming month in Italy to work, her plans were quickly re-routed by the virus. Nodine quickly set up shop in her own home with what she called an “at-home” artist residency, where the beginnings of her newest collection were born.

I began working with no specifics in mind, other than letting the process of making art flow like that of the surrealists with automatism, the performance of actions without conscious thought or intention.” she explained. “Soon, this process began to show results like a lens coming focus. The more I worked, the clearer it became. In many of these paintings there is a form of shriveled texture being taken over by rich color that seeps up and around to drown out the negative. Think of the turquoise blue of the sea–where all life began, and it is seeping around and upward, suffocating shriveling the negativism. . .” 

Like many artists, Nodine’s work became a way to cope with the unknown and inspired hope during tumultuous times. This introspective approach to change and unrest allows us to look at road blocks and challenges in a new light.

“There is so much to learn from art and the creative process…” said Jane Harrison Fisher, COO of Coldwell Banker Caine. “…We are grateful for Jane’s work, as it reflects hope and new beginnings as we stand on the other side of the pandemic. We are thrilled to once again, gather as a family to celebrate the amazing contributions that our local artists have given to our thriving community”