Upstate Headlines: Thanksgiving Edition!

Upstate Headlines: Thanksgiving Edition!

Upstate-Headlines-bannerA collection of the top Upstate headlines for the week of November 22, 2017

What are You Thankful for Greenville?
Your mind may be focused on your travel plans, Grandma’s stuffing, or the upcoming football games, but have you taken a minute to dwell on what you’re thankful for? If you’re a Greenville resident, there are so many praises to sing about the little-big town we call home. GVL Today asked local Greenvillians what they were thankful for about life in the booming, Upstate town, and the answers they received hit the nail on the head. Erin Fletcher says, “I’m thankful to be part of the thriving west side with its brick mills, water towers, mill homes and the wonderful, diverse people who I am proud to call my neighbors.” Melody Wunrow also shared her thankfulness through social media, “I’m thankful for the culture/heart in Greenville of working to transform the city and everyone in it, to being a place of beauty, community, and life! This is by far what makes Greenville outshine every other city in the world!” With all of the answers shared on social media, there were consistent themes of thankfulness for the beauty of the town, and most of all the people that make up Greenville.

Spartanburg Firefighters Offer Thanksgiving Safety Tips
Raise your hand if you prefer your turkey fried! Many Spartanburg residents, and people across the nation have added frying turkeys to their Thanksgiving traditions. Whether you spend the day frying turkey, or rotating dishes in and out of the oven, Thanksgiving can be a dangerous day for households. Firefighters say they see more cooking fires on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year in Spartanburg and across the US. In order to take measures to keep your family and home free from harm, firefighters have come up with a few safety pointers for the kitchen and the fryer.

  • Do not leave food unattended while cooking
  • Completely thaw and dry a turkey before frying
  • Use a fryer on a flat surface away from homes, decks or other combustibles
  • Cover bare skin when taking the turkey in or out of the fryer or preparing any meal containing hot grease

Free Downtown Parking in Greenville Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday
Attention all Black Friday shoppers! If you’re a fan of the shopping madness that happens post Turkey Day, you know that finding parking convenient to your store of choice is more stressful than snagging the best deal on a new flatscreen or winter coat. While you typically have to pay in select parking garages and metered spots, this year you can save your pocket change for that deal you’ve got your eye on. Greenville officials have shared that all city parking facilities will be free of charge on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. Weather you head downtown or to the mall, we found a list of Greenville Black Friday store hours to help you decide where to begin. If you’re not one to shop till you drop, you may still need an excuse to get out of the house. Take advantage of free parking to go ice skating on Main, or simply enjoy strolling around Falls Park, or grabbing a cup of coffee with friends and family.

The Longstanding Palmetto Bowl Tradition
Rivalry week is in full swing, and just like every year for the past 100-something years, South Carolina and Clemson fans are anxiously anticipating the Saturday after Thanksgiving. If you’re a South Carolina resident, there’s no doubt that you’re more than familiar with the Clemson – Carolina rivalry, but how much do you know about this longstanding tradition? The teams first met and played against one another in 1896…yep, if you do your math right, that’s 121 years ago. However, it wasn’t until 1909 that Clemson and Carolina started the late November tradition of going head to head. The Clemson Tigers vs The South Carolina Gamecocks is the third-longest running rivalry in college football, and the longest running rivalry in the South. Despite the longevity of this rivalry, the game wasn’t named “The Palmetto Bowl” until a few years ago. Over the course of the years, the teams have tied 4 times, Clemson has won 68 times, and Carolina has 42 wins to their name. Whether you’ll be wearing orange or garnet on Saturday, we can agree that this is one South Carolina tradition to be respected – and now you have a few trivia facts for your back pocket!